A downloadable indie for Windows and macOS

Somnia is a single player endless runner mobile game, designed to introduce its players to the concept of sleep hygiene and let them experience sleeping disorders and environments through fun and entertaining gameplay. Submerge yourself into a volatile setting that takes you through a sleeping cycle, you must avoid the obstacles of your conscious mind that is desperately trying to wake you up and collect as much sleep time as possible. Tap into the powers of lucid dreaming through interactive and engaging mechanics, using them to fend off against incoming nightmares. Should you stumble, dust yourself off and try again! 


The downloads below contain the current builds that are playable, showing off basic level designs of the first playable areas with controls and movement. Try to get as far as possible through this madness of code.


A / Left Arrow - Move Left

D / Right Arrow - Move Right 

W / SPACE / Up Arrow - Jump 


We are planning to further expand out the other areas with more fast-paced puzzles, and wrap everything into a nicely done code with awesome visual effects and environment. 


We're developing this game as part of our Final Major Project at University. This is a very much work in progress game so please expect bugs. We'd love to get your feedback and any issues you come across and appreciate you taking the time to play our game!

Change Log:

- Player speed increases as time increases

- Expanded Areas

The Hypnagogia Games Team :

Joshua Lyons, Anton Byankov & Lewis Hill

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorHypnagogia Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Endless, infinite-runner, mind-bending, mobile, Runner
Average sessionA few seconds


Somnia_Build Version 0.4.zip 35 MB
Somnia_Build Version 0.4MacOS.app.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

1. Click the download button for the operating system you are running.

2. Extract the .zip file to somewhere on your computer

3. Launch "Somnia.exe"

4. Enjoy


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Hi guys! I tried the latest build but didn't get far at all as the jump wasn't working! I really want to experience the screenshots you guys have provided as it looks really inviting but didn't manage to see any of it yet :( Look forward to playing more - will I always be the white figure or will I change? All the best - Jess.

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Hey, We are currently working on implementing the screenshots into the game and should have them available to play through in the next build. Currently you can only play as the white figure because we wanted to give an ambiguous feeling for the player in the dream setting :)